Fictional Staff by Name



Ismahan Abdi, MBA
Division Administrator


Support DOGPAH 

Jessie Alkire
Marketing Coordinator


Student at University of Minnesota

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Nancy Ariza
Executive Administrative Specialist

Laura Berg, MD, PhD, DO, JD, DMV
Director of Everything


Two-time Oscar winner Laura Berg is completing her AHC BIO training and has perfect skin.

Brandi Buczynski


Brandi is a student worker at the University of Minnesota. She assists fellowship coordinators in daily duties and projects.

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Malavika Chandrashekar
Degree Sought: M.S.

Jan Czyzyk, MD
Associate Professor


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Daniel Franks
Communications & Admin Support Liaison


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Doogie Howser, MD
Department Head


The youngest licensed doctor in the country. He can't buy beer but he can prescribe drugs. He aced the SAT at age 6, graduated from high school at age 9, and graduated from college at age 10. No one on Earth really knows how it's possible to graduate from high school in 9 weeks or to have your own apartment as a minor, but you know, Hollywood. 

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Julius Kelp, PhD
Professor of Chemistry

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Meher Khan

Communicator at the U of M

Mckenna Kleiner
Interior Designer

A recent grad from NC State.

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Nathan Koewler, DVM
Veterinarian - SPF/Quarantine


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Colleen Kutzler, Student Admin Support
Student Admin Support - Advancement Department

Colleen is a student worker in the Advancement Department of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. 

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Chelsea Lennox, MPH
1Health Curriculum Coordinator


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Karrie Molitor


Seeking to discover a unique substance combination that will combat cancer cells. The main objective is to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and produce a cure. Current research focus is to find a cure for cancer cells using pharmacological substances in rat subjects. 

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Love Soun

Training Group

Leslie Boey, MSEd
Professional Extrovert



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Brandon Henry
Communications Specialist

Digital guru.

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Elizabeth Lindemann, BS
Informatics Research Professional


This is a fake bio

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Cool Kids

Ann Hagen, MM
Program Level Coordinator


Responsible for day-to-day herding of student cats.

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Brandon Henry
Communications Specialist

Digital guru.

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Erin Warholm-Wohlenhaus, Executive Office and Administrative Specialist


In addition to her work as an administrative specialist, Erin is also an apiarist in her spare time. 

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Fun Stuff

Krista Ostrom, MD, JD
Chief Officer of All The Things

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Sheldon Cooper, DO, ScD
Super Scientist


Research interests: Super scientist explores the importance of health informatics. Sheldon needs more descriptive words. At some point, someone added credentials to the "edit listing" on each of the people in this list. When I removed Sheldon's credentials from the "edit listing" I assumed that the field would pull in the information from his bio. That doesn't seem to be happening. 

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