Reusable Content

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If you have a certain piece of web content that needs to appear in more than one place on your site, you can create a reusable callout, sidebar, or list of links.

This way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in multiple locations. For example, the "Help Us Help You" callout on this page is reusable content; you can see the exact same thing on other pages on the site such as the glossary. You can format the content in different ways when you add it to another page. On this page and the glossary the callout style was applied.

How to create it:

  • Create the content as you would with any sidebar, callout, accordion, or other piece of content.
  • Give it an easy-to-identify title, e.g. “Research Spotlight” or “Links for Current Students.”

  • Fill in the Text box with text, links, and/or photos, as you would with any other web content.

  • Scroll down, underneath the text box, and check “Make this entity reusable.”

  • Give the content the appropriate category and administrative titles.
 Click save.

How to reuse it:

  • To use this content elsewhere on your site, go to the other page(s) where you want it to appear.
  • Click Panelizer, and select the pane where you want to add it. 

  • Click the gear, Add Content, and then choose “Reusable Content” in the left sidebar.

  • Click the green “Add” button in the upper right of the appropriate box, and save.

  • Note: If you want the piece of content to look the same as other pages, you may need to apply new CSS Properties.

Reusable content screengrab