Hiding Menus

Want to route content on your live website, before making it "officially public"?

By disabling menus, you can hide the content from site visitors, while still sending live links for internal review:

  • Go to Structure (in your top workbench bar) > then Menus (in the dropdown) > then Main Menu.
Scroll down to the parent page (or individual page) in the section you want to hide.

  • Uncheck the box under “Enabled” in the right column (see image below).
  • Scroll down and “Save configuration.”

  • Remember to check “Enabled” again when you want the section to be visible to the public, then click “Save configuration.”

If you are hiding a whole section of pages, there is no need to disable every page within that section. Once you disable the top/parent page, all the others will disappear from the navigation menu.

Note: Hiding menus on the Medical School site requires a few more steps, but the above instructions cover the majority of Academic Health Center websites in Drupal.

Disable menus screenshotClick image for larger view.