Activity #8: Adding a new page

These instructions assume you are logged into the Health Sciences Drupal Training website. After completing these edits, your page will look closer to the “Dogs - Final Version” page.

For this activity, you will use the copy from the Assistance Dogs page document.

  1. In the black toolbar, click on Shortcuts (may need to click more than once) to reveal your shortcuts
  2. Click on Add Content [Screenshot]
  3. Click on AHC Content
  4. Click into the Title field and add “Assistance Dogs - [Your name]” without the quotation marks and with your name
  5. Copy all of the text from the Assistance Dogs page document
  6. In the Body field Click on the Paste from Word button [Screenshot]
  7. Paste the text into the pop-up window
  8. Click Insert
  9. Highlight all of the text in the body and then click on the eraser button in the toolbar
    1. This is a best practice to make sure that all extraneous code is removed
  10. Scroll below the body field to the Menu settings [Screenshot]
  11. Click the checkbox next to “Provide a menu link”
  12. Link TItle will appear with the page title autopopulates
  13. Under “Parent” click on the drop-down menu and scroll until you find the page with your name
  14. Click the page with your name on it
  15. Click on Publishing options [Screenshot]
  16. Click on checkbox next to Published
  17. ALWAYS leave the check next to Create a new revision
  18. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”

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