Web Team Dogs


Rebecca and Opal

Opal is a curious, affectionate, active, protective, agile dog who joined our household in July 2016 from Midwest Animal Rescue and Services. Weighing in at 14 pounds, we suspect she is a combination of miniature pinscher, rat terrier, and daschund (although her legs are long). She loves walks and treats and being with us. We're so glad she's in our lives. 


Brent and Perry

Perry is a mini-poodle/portuguese water dog mix that was adopted from the Animal Humane Society. He's a bit of a talker, shouting out to all his cousins as they walk past as well as all the squirrels and rabbits that trespass his line of sight. He has a pretty pronounced under bite that when he is relaxed, looks like he is smiling at you.


Patrik and Shelby

Shelby is a sweet, loving, and canny Jack Russell terrier with exceptionally long legs albeit only three of themone lost to an invasive liposarcoma. That hasn't stopped her from continuing to run like a demon, play ball, go on long walks, climb stairs, and continuing with her sacred duties of making sure that our floor is clear of any foodstuff, which can truly be a challenge with a toddler in the house. Shelby is in undaunted, resilient, and in possession of a charming canine wit.


Janelle and Stewie

Stewie is a Bichon Frise (pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say) which are known for their cotton-ball cloud of curly white hair. What he lacks in ability to perform tricks, he makes up for in his cuteness. Now that he is in his senior years, I recently acquired a dog stroller so we can take longer walks together.


Jaime and Bella

Bella is a South African Mastiff, most commonly known as a Boerboel. She's relatively small for her breed, weighing in at only 115 pounds. Bella has a colorful brindle coat and a big overbite, which makes her cheeks and jowls droopy. Her mushy face makes her look adorable, but it has some horrifying consequences. Let's just say I never imagined a small step ladder being involved in my daily cleaning routine to wipe off drool over six feet up a wall before Bella came into my life.

Bella loves to go on adventures like car rides and walks in the woods, but tires out after only a mile - she is definitely a couch potato at heart!

Above all else, Bella loves food. Any food. All food. Definitely your food. Whenever Bella sees food, smells food, or hears something like a food container or wrapper being opened, she makes a beeline to wherever you are and stares at you, eyes wide, begging for a bite. She once ate an entire bag of cat food while I was at work. She has also ripped open a brand new, unopened bag of goldfish crackers, devouring every last crumb, while I stepped out of the room for only 3 minutes. This girl is serious about her eats! Bella's favorite special treat is a frozen raw beef marrow bone. Om nom nom.